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chemical peels at Zelko Aesthetics

Sun damage, fine lines, dark spots, and poor skin texture hinders many people’s self-confidence. Whether you are a man or a woman, no one can have perfect skin all the time. If visible signs of facial aging are making you want to hide your skin, then a chemical peel at Zelko Aesthetics may be just what you need.

What does a chemical peel do?

A chemical peel refreshes your complexion using acids that are carefully selected based on your skin concern. These skin-safe acids lift away the upper layer of the skin, which is where much of the damaged skin cells accumulate.

By peeling away the top layer(s) of skin, patients have a brighter, smoother, and more even-toned complexion. Chemical peels are a cost-effective skin renewal treatment that is designed to improve:

  • Fine wrinkles
  • Discolored or blotchy skin
  • Clogged pores
  • Dull skin
  • Dark spots
  • Sun damage
  • Rough skin with poor cell turnover
Chemical Peels Milwaukee

What types of chemical peels are available?

At Zelko Aesthetics, our professional-grade chemical peels are customized to your unique skin concerns. Skin peels may vary in intensity, depending on the severity of the skin concern you wish to correct. Light peels are great for a youthful glow without any downtime. Mid-to-deep chemical peels involve more skin peeling and flaking, but provide a more dramatic result to correct skin problems on a deeper level.

Chemical Peel Consultation

Chemical Peels in Milwaukee

You will meet with an Aesthetician to discuss your skin concerns in a welcome and inviting atmosphere. We understand that facing skin problems is a real struggle for patients that come to see us, especially if you have tried home remedies for years to no avail.

Our skin specialist listens carefully to your concerns, goals, and budget to develop a treatment plan that best achieves the results you are seeking. If a chemical peel is something that you are interested in, you may proceed with the peel on the same day if desired. Chemical peels can be performed on their own or combined with anti-aging treatments, such as dermal fillers for wrinkles, to restore your skin to a more youthful appearance. The consultation at Zelko Aesthetics is purely informative, so there is no obligation to pursue treatment unless you would like to.

How do I prepare for a chemical peel?

Several days prior to treatment, discontinue any use of facial scrubs, skin exfoliants, or skincare products with active ingredients that cause your skin to feel sensitive or peel. Avoid waxing, tanning, and sunless tanning products for at least 2 weeks beforehand.

Is there any chemical peel aftercare?

Avoid sun exposure and use SPF50+ to reduce the chance of sunburn after treatment. Your provider at Zelko Aesthetics can advise you of when it’s possible to start using active skincare ingredients, such as retinol or retinoids, again. Use a rich, fragrance-free moisturizer to keep skin hydrated as it peels. This helps to prevent irritation from skin peeling. Never pick or pull the skin as it peels. It takes time but will slough away on its own. Keep your hands clean before touching your face.

What is chemical peel recovery like?

Chemical peel downtime varies based on the depth of the peel. Chemical peel strengths vary. Light peels have no downtime, and skin flaking after peels of this kind is minimal.

It is great before a special event for glowing, even skin. Mid-strength chemical peels usually have no downtime, but your skin may peel and look flaky between Days 3 to 10. A rich face cream keeps peeling under control.

The deepest chemical peels can result in skin crusting, oozing, or excessive flaking for approximately 2 weeks. While skin peeling after strong chemical peels is somewhat annoying, the results are more drastic than light peels.

Am I a good candidate for a chemical peel?

Nonsurgical skin rejuvenation is one of our specialties at Zelko Aesthetics. Chemical peels are an excellent alternative to laser skin rejuvenation, such as IPL to fix sun damage and aging skin. However, many laser devices only work on certain skin types.

Fair skin sees the most results, while tanned or darker complexions are not good candidates for lasers. That is where chemical peels come into play. A chemical peel does not discriminate based on skin tone. Further, chemical peel treatments tend to cost less than laser or energy devices. The chemical peel procedure also takes just minutes to perform. It is a time-honored way skin experts have used for decades to improve the skin’s appearance.

Milwaukee Chemical Peels

How many chemical peels do I need?

The stronger the peel, the fewer chemical peels are needed to see the final results. Everyone is different. Not everyone needs a deep chemical peel to see results. As a rule, the more aggressive the skin concern, the deeper the peel concentration that is needed. One to six peels are recommended, variable based on your skin condition.

Does insurance cover chemical peels?

Chemical peels are done for cosmetic reasons related to improving the look and feel of your skin. Thus, insurance does not cover the cost of chemical peels in Milwaukee or elsewhere in the country. You may visit our Specials page to see if you are eligible for any discounts.

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