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TickleTite: Enhanced Fat Elimination Zelko Aesthetics


Shaping your body can be tough. If it was easy, everyone would look like a model or a star athlete. You can do your best to tackle your trouble spots with targeted exercises and a healthy eating plan. You still may not get great results. Most people manage to get their weight down to a number that is acceptable. That doesn’t mean all of the resistant pockets of fat are going to go away. You may need some extra help to sculpt your figure after you have successfully lost weight. TickleTite offers you an enhanced option for fat elimination.

Understanding TickleTite

TickleTite is a form of liposuction. Like traditional liposuction, it involves having fat removed from isolated areas in your body. A surgical tube is inserted into the area of concern to suction away the fat. Once the fat is gone the procedure is completed. Your treatment will be taken a step farther when you have the BodyTite procedure following your TickleTite treatment. The BodyTite procedure applies heat to the skin in areas that have been treated. A handheld device is applied to these areas to let the gentle and controlled level of heat go to work. It will stimulate collagen production and healthy circulation. This will tighten up the skin anywhere you had your treatment.

Why Choose TickleTite for Fat Elimination?

TickleTite offers you a gentler way to get rid of annoying deposits of fat on your body. By adding BodyTite treatments to Tickle Liposuction, you will see faster results. Once the fat is gone, it will be permanently removed. Your BodyTite treatment will help you to look your best as your body tightens up. You can choose these combined treatments to target various trouble spots, such as your abdomen, your neck, your thighs, or your hips. Be prepared to continue to exercise and eat right after your procedure. This will help you to maintain your results.

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If you are at wit’s end when it comes to bothersome deposits of fat on your body, TickleTite may work for you. Our surgeon will evaluate your figure and take note of your weight. Your health and any medical conditions will affect your chances to have this procedure. Our surgeon will make sure TickleTite at Zelko Aesthetics in Greefield, WI and Westmont, IL will be safe for you. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!

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