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Why Trust Dr. Z

Dr. Z is America’s trusted authority on groundbreaking cosmetic surgery treatments, including his famous Tickle™ procedures and ZBodySculpt complete body contouring.

Meet Dr. Tim Zelko

A Touch of Brilliance

Known by his patients as Dr. Z, Dr. Tim Zelko is one of America’s leading cosmetic surgery innovators.

After a tremendously successful 23-year OBGYN practice, Dr. Z’s relentless curiosity and drive led him to change his practice focus in 2006; from OBGYN to Cosmetic Surgery. He became a board-certified cosmetic surgeon in Milwaukee and launched Zelko Aesthetics. From there, he began researching better ways to do body contouring. As a result, one of Milwaukee's top cosmetic surgeons, Dr. Z, developed ZBodySculpt – the most complete body contouring offering in the country. ZBodySculpt became a hit in the world of cosmetic surgery, with Dr. Z performing thousands of ZBodySculpt procedures on patients seeking cosmetic surgery in Milwaukee, Chicago, and around the globe.


Dr. Zelko, aka Dr. Z, is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame and the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine.

He completed his post-graduate training in Obstetrics & Gynecology at St. Joseph Hospital in Milwaukee. Dr. Z is a faculty member of The Society of Aesthetics in Medicine and offers monthly courses to physicians in Tumescent Technique (the local anesthesia used during the procedure) and Office Liposuction. He takes great pride in this appointment and feels honored to shape the future experiences for his students and their patients.

Dr. Z Innovates ZBodySculpt

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Thanks to ZBodySculpt, Zelko Aesthetics in Chicago and Milwaukee has grown into one of the nation’s leading body contouring practices.

ZBodySculpt refers to a suite of innovative procedures that Dr. Z uses in tandem to create a more contoured full-body physique. Each procedure is tailored to the patient’s specific needs. Dr. Z has performed thousands of procedures over the years and has helped people achieve the look they want without significant invasive surgeries, pain, or excessive downtime.

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Dr. Z: Another Imperative Innovation

Following his success with body sculpting, Dr. Z’s attention shifting to another common cosmetic surgery practice in need of a touch-up: liposuction.

He spent countless hours reading up on the evolution of the procedure and evaluating different techniques. In the end, he felt that the liposuction methods at the time just weren’t taking advantage of the innovations that were out there. So, in true Dr. Z fashion, he invented his own: TickleLipo.

Dr. Z Innovates Ticklelipo

Dr. Tim Zelko’s TickleLipo treatment revolutionized the industry by reducing the size of incisions and by only having to utilize local anesthesia.

Patients experience a “tickling” sensation as the cannula removes the fat from the treatment area. Through these advancements, Dr. Z is able to improve results and recovery times for his patients with this minimally invasive procedure. View Dr. Z’s Lipo Chart to see exactly how TickleLipo is different from other methods. Additionally, Dr. Z took this innovative technique and applied it to other common body sculpting techniques. These procedures include:

Cosmetic Surgery in Milwaukee

World Class Results. Midwest Manners.

As a cosmetic surgeon in Milwaukee and Chicago, Dr. Z knows that the most important thing is the health and satisfaction of his patients.

Even after all his innovations and successes, he still treats each patient he sees with the same level of care and compassion that he did during his years as an OB/GYN. Dr. Z listens to your concerns and uses his innovative techniques to help you reach your body goals.

Dr. Z currently devotes all his practice time to the delivery of aesthetic medicine as a cosmetic surgeon in Milwaukee and Chicago. While his years as an obstetrician/gynecologist allowed him to develop a gentle and empathetic bedside manner, it also enabled him to perfect his surgical skills and enhance his ability to communicate and educate his patients. All of this experience translates into an exceptional outcome for his patients.

When you schedule a consultation with Dr. Z, you will have the undivided attention of one of the foremost minds in aesthetic medicine. Dr. Z will use his ingenuity and talent to craft a personalized treatment plan to target your needs. It is this unique blend of genuine care and innovative treatment that makes Zelko Aesthetics the destination for patients who want the very best for their bodies.

The Z-Spa For Your Rejuvenation Vacation

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When was the last time that you took a vacation that actually was focused on you? When most people think “vacation,” they think of doing something fun and exciting in an exotic location.

While these types of adventurous experiences are valuable, they often leave you feeling exhausted from the stress and exertion of travel. Dr. Z offers an alternative option: the Z-Spa. Whether you need a full rejuvenation or just a quick “daycation”, the Z-Spa offers peels, facials, fillers, Botox and other injectables, dermaplaning, microneedling, liquid facelifts, and other high-quality rejuvenating skincare treatments. Feel the difference that comes with taking time off to truly recharge your look with a rejuvenation vacation at the Z-Spa!

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If you experience excessive sweating (like 10% of the population), there have been limited solutions to help you. miraDry is changing that by offering the only FDA-cleared thermal energy treatment to permanently reduce excessive perspiration and odor. Dr. Z is always on the lookout for better ways to solve issues for his patients, and he believes miraDry is that solution for those suffering from hyperhidrosis.

Y Lift

The facelift is one of the hallmarks of cosmetic surgery. It is also traditionally invasive, with a multi-week recovery time. Dr. Z wanted to find another option. In his research, he learned about the Y Lift; a revolutionary new closed facelift technique that uses external manipulation of the muscle and dermal fillers to recreate the effects of a facelift on the cheeks and jawline without surgery. Dr. Z is part of a select group of cosmetic surgeons around the nation trained in the Y Lift technique.

Zelko Aesthetics the Last Word In Cosmetic Surgery

At Zelko Aesthetics in Milwaukee and Chicago, cosmetic surgeon Dr. Tim Zelko is rewriting the encyclopedia of cosmetic surgery. When you come to Zelko Aesthetics for a consultation, you can be sure that your beauty goals will be treated with care and respect by Dr. Zelko.

For more than three decades, Dr. Z has operated with one goal; to give each patient he sees the very best treatment he can. This goal has led him to learn innovative new procedures and even develop his own, so he can make sure he is equipped with exactly what it takes to fulfill your beauty needs.

Dr. Z believes nobody knows your body better than you do. You are the one who sees yourself in the mirror. He listens to your concerns and then puts his mind to work to give you the best possible options for your treatment.

Milwaukee Cosmetic Surgery

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